We all have dreams…

Apparently there’s a football tournament going down this summer? It’s called the world trophy or something like that.

Of course, I am talking about the world cup. Unless you’re a genie and your cave-dwelling, magic lamp doesn’t have a tv you will have at least some knowledge of this whether you want it or not.

Television has gone insane to the point where I (a fairly enthusiastic football fan) am beginning to lose interest before the first game kicks off. Of particular annoyingness is the sudden (and predictable) barrage of football related ads. What exactly does a supermarket have to do with sport at all? I’m sorry but I find that about as believable and coherent as a drunk puppy with a top hat trying to convince me that someone else pissed on my carpet. It’s not going to happen.

Thanks heavens then for Nike. Their blockbuster of a television advert is just what I needed to get back in the spirit of the competition. ‘Write the future’ is simply amazing. I know some people in the ad industry don’t like it, saying it glamourizes footballers, doesn’t’ focus on the product and suffers from severe overproduction. Now, I don’t like to criticize others. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I both love and respect them. However, these people are morons and here’s why.

There is no man who plays football, owns FIFA on one of the various games consoles or has seen a picture of a football in his life who watched Rooney and co for 3 minutes and didn’t instantly go hunting for the nearest football or spherical object within the vicinity. It has such an emotional appeal, pumping testosterone through the veins of male population nationwide, fuelling dreams of one day, someday, striding out onto the evergreen lawns of Wembley. Is that not the reaction every football boot manufacturer dreams of?


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