Two Guys At A Party

How delightful is this?

How dry and humdrum is this?

It got me thinking. They cars are pretty much the same, they are both Ford cars. Despite this one makes me smile with private joy and the other makes me want to dig a hole within myself and hide.

It’s kind of like people. Imagine you’re at a party. You’ve had a few drinks and you start mingling with people outside your usually circle. You meet a new guy. His name is Smax. He wears trendy clothes with billabong on the shoulder and talks a lot about the tv shows he’s watched recently about extreme sports. He’s a fake, he’s a poser, he’s boring.

You leave him as soon as you think of an adequate excuse.

Later, at another gathering, you try again and run into a guy called Fiesta. He’s stopping by the festivities on his way back from an adventure in some foreign land. He tells you the charming tale of how a few drinks turned into his spontaneous weekend in LA with his similarly interesting friends.

In advertising, like most other communications and interactions, it is better to show rather than say. Fiesta is interesting because his life is interesting not because he knows the definition of interesting and can relay that information on to me. Equally Smax with his sports attire doesn’t convince anyone that he’d survive on a surfboard, even on dry land. The fact that he’s pretending means he doesn’t have anything interesting to say which may be tied to my increased concern over my dog’s laryngitis. The punchline is, be interesting but be who you are.


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