Thank You Hugo!

This was actually the first time I have come across Sienna Miller. Thank you, Hugo!

There’s something natural about this ad. It doesn’t say ‘glamorous’ to me. It says ‘fun’ or ‘jump’ or other word with connotations of energy. To me it seems to have a completely different feel to other fragrance pieces featuring size zero models strutting down hallways with a gaze you’d probably see on a spider when a fly bounces into it’s web. It’s much more natural and warm. Overall if it were a girl, she’d be interesting and fun and personally much more appealing.

I think its great that this perfume brand took a different direction than the others. Without going into too much detail and revealing my extensive knowledge of perfume adds (It was for research, I promise) it’s nice to see a cosmetic that would make a woman feel good to have instead feeling bad they didn’t have it, if that makes any sense. In our facebook driven, image obsessed culture I for one have noticed a decline in self esteem which I think is a tragic shame considering how beautiful everyone is. Hopefully this would do a little bit to counteract that. Thank you again Hugo!


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