The Latest Addition to My "Crib"

Not many people know this but I have an imaginary house that I’m going to buy/build when I become rich. It has an indoor bouncy castle room, a music studio/event arena and on the walls of my enormous bedroom is wallpaper created from a comic I designed. Thank you, that IS a wonderful idea! I know! I began thinking about this when I used to watch MTV cribs as a youngster and somehow it’s all blossomed into being one step away from me drawing up blueprints and getting estimates.*

Recently I have added a new feature to the crib. Musical Stairs! I want them, I want them NOW!

While my crib is inspired, this idea is genius!

A lot of you will probably have seen this already (since it happened ages ago) but in case you travelled here from the past, or recently feel into a long hole and have only just escaped, I thought I’d share it with you.

This is one of the ideas from the fun theory. It’s a project from Volkswagon trying to encourage better choices through the addition of fun. There is a whole load of ideas so have a look if you want a giggle or inspiration for something creative you’re doing.

All of the ideas I’ve seen so are so ingenious that I am hulk green with envy yet simultaneously inspired. This is the kind of thing I love to see.

Love ❤ Love ❤ Love

Imagination meets Good Deeds makes Happiness. That’s my kind of threesome.

* Please note, I am poor and will probably never own my “crib” so no calls from architects/estate agents/golddiggers please!


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