Capes for Cabbages

It’s time for a change!

We humans have been kept safe on our busy city streets for years now by a powerful force. A force dedicated to protecting the innocent and making this world a better place to live. I’m talking, of course, about VEGEHEROES!

But now they need us.

Being a supervegetable is a full time commitment preventing them from gaining full-time employment. Consequently more and more of them are unable to afford uniforms.

Without uniforms our leafy warriors lose most of their power to strike fear into the hearts of evil and, not to mention, lose most of their trendiness.

Of all the heroes, the most in need is the humble cabbage. The cabbage’s shy public demeanor means that it is often overlooked by potential donors in favour of more attention grabbing produce: the cantankerous radish is a prime example of this, never mind the rambunctious leeks and the (let’s face it, over) flirtatious celery. Dont forget, these cabbages dedicate themselves too. Being a vegehero is not a popularity contest. It’s serious.

They don’t want a hand out. All they ask is the donation of any cloth, thread or fairy dust you can spare, so they can continue to protect us all from darkness.

Every day these hero herbs and greeneries give us their all. Isn’t it time we gave something back?


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