Imagination Vs Reality

I’ve been having some extra time on my hands lately so I decided to update my music video repertoire and try to find a music video that was original or witty or in anyway different from the rest of the pack.

I failed.

Everything that I saw looked the same to me, or like something done before. Rapper walking through ghetto with bikini clad ladies; Rock band playing to overenthusiastic crowd; and Neyo, stop stealing from Michael Jackson, PLEASE!

However, my efforts were not completely wasted. I stumbled onto this beauty on Kerrang and it caught my attention for one simple reason. If a movie was made about my life, or me (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, hollywood) then this is how the protagonist, me, would see the world. Half reality, half fantasy and both sides barely distinguishable from each other and forming one abstract visual. I love it when life is interrupted by imagination coming in and crashing the party. It doesn’t call and make an appointment, it just shows up uninvited and chaos ensues.

I’ve always thoughts that’s how it should be, with both elements at the same time. Reality is not entertainment. I don’t see the purpose of watching something that could happen in real life, or worse, that commonly happens, he said shaking his head at the thought of ‘big brother’. On the other hand fantasy works much better on it’s own but still not as good as the team like chocolate and caramel. They both taste good alone but together they are a force to be reckoned with. Yum. What was I talking about again?


What came first?

It’s an ancient question, which came first the chicken or the egg?

Let me give you the 411

I like Magner’s cider. It’s yummy! I also like their ad where people catch things and dive around in a puppet like fashion.

In contrast, I don’t like Bulmers cider. It’s not a pleasant taste to me. Too sweet. Coincidently I also don’t like their ad with summer in their shed or factory or whatever that is.

I’m not a fan of coincidence so… there be 3 explanations by my eye.

1. I like the cider based on whether I like their ads in which case, kneel before advertising lowly peasants. Mwah ha ha ha!

2. I like ads based on the cider (This is more likely as I seem to remember making my decisions about said ciders before I’d seen any advertising about them). Back in your box, advertising!

3. I judge both aforementioned ciders and ads independently of the others based on my own reasonings. This can’t be true. Can it?

Poor Puma

I feel sorry for Puma.

They are a decent brand and they make some quality sneakers. I personally own a pair of banana yellow running shoes I’ve owned since college and still have not retired to the bench. However, in recent times they’ve had their metaphorical asses handed to them by Nike and Adidas who, as far as I’m concerned, own the sports shoe industry.

With that in mind Puma have tried to differentiate themselves as the alternative sportswear brand but I simply can not see it working. A snowball has a better chance of becoming the Pope of Hell. You see, for all their marketing research into new areas and careful positioning and market opportunity evaluation they have forgotten something rather important.

This spot is designed to appeal to who people are. Not who they want to be.

Hello? Most people are rubbish at most things but thats not how they see themselves especially when it comes to sport. Everyone secretly believes, in the darkest corner of their mind that if they wanted to they could be as good as Ronaldo, Federer and all the others who are ACTUALLY good at sports. We all need to feel as though we are special, talented, a unique snowflake. Thats why people buy that latest pair of boots. ‘Thats what professionals use’ their subconscious whispers to them, pining over the new Adidas F50’s.

Unfortunately even those who realize their limitations will also go out and buy the Nike T60 Pro Magic Shoot Blasters as well to close the gap on the competition.

You’d have thought they would have figured this out.

It’s a shame because they didn’t really have much choice in terms of image. Their bigger, stronger brothers are such powerful opponents that they didn’t have a chance attacking them head-on. Trying to pinch a piece of the premium athlete brand pie would be tougher than trying to steal a piece of actual pie from a fat guy in a fortress.

It’s too bad really because as an ad it’s entertaining and interesting. The copy comparing Jo Average with athletes is witty and is guaranteed to get a smirk off the bloke down the Hog and Rooster on Friday night. The characters are recognizable and all-in-all the spot presents the brand in a positive light for the future.

I hope it does provides them some success but let’s just say I don’t see them needing a snowball-sized Pope hat anytime soon.