Imagination Vs Reality

I’ve been having some extra time on my hands lately so I decided to update my music video repertoire and try to find a music video that was original or witty or in anyway different from the rest of the pack.

I failed.

Everything that I saw looked the same to me, or like something done before. Rapper walking through ghetto with bikini clad ladies; Rock band playing to overenthusiastic crowd; and Neyo, stop stealing from Michael Jackson, PLEASE!

However, my efforts were not completely wasted. I stumbled onto this beauty on Kerrang and it caught my attention for one simple reason. If a movie was made about my life, or me (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, hollywood) then this is how the protagonist, me, would see the world. Half reality, half fantasy and both sides barely distinguishable from each other and forming one abstract visual. I love it when life is interrupted by imagination coming in and crashing the party. It doesn’t call and make an appointment, it just shows up uninvited and chaos ensues.

I’ve always thoughts that’s how it should be, with both elements at the same time. Reality is not entertainment. I don’t see the purpose of watching something that could happen in real life, or worse, that commonly happens, he said shaking his head at the thought of ‘big brother’. On the other hand fantasy works much better on it’s own but still not as good as the team like chocolate and caramel. They both taste good alone but together they are a force to be reckoned with. Yum. What was I talking about again?


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