Here At Reading

Frankly, the lateness of this post is an outrage but I was struck by ‘Reading Flu’ for the week and a bit after the festival so it got put on the shelf.

This is just some clever ideas I noticed during the festival that I thought were worth sharing.

This is for ‘bollocks to poverty’ campaign to raise awareness. They were giving out temporary tattoos and had a photobooth, a tent with ping pong and foosball table. I like it that the charity adapted it’s approach for the festival and got people interested using fun. I will believe in the power of fun over guilt when it comes to charity.

How trendy are these? They not only look cool but you can attach it to your ipod and play music out of the speakers. I’m a guy so I can’t wear it but I still think that’s amazingly clever.

This looks good too but that’s not why it’s here. Have you read it? It’s quite possibly the best I have ever heard a bacon bap sound. Seeing this ‘the morning after’ was irresistable. Unfortunately, afterwards you realize it’s still just a bacon bap.

This is just something that caught my eye. I have only seen the atticus bird upside down. I think it’s some form of artistic side emerging, noticing how different things can look when you look at them from a new perspective.

Finally, how about a moment of sympathy for the poor chump who had to film from the top of this enormous crane. Poor little guy!


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