Thoughts on ‘The Hood’

I recently reread ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and I have some thoughts.

Firstly the protagonist, Red Riding Hood. How disappointing she is and certainly not the brightest light bulb in the house if she can’t tell the difference between her grandmother and a four-legged, carnivorous canine. Maybe she should be going to school instead of having picnics in the wood?

As for the wolf. Well foremost, he’s a WOLF! People always seems surprised or disappointed when he tries to eat people. Why? That what wolves do. Would people be surprised to get stung by a bee or wet from the sea? No! Let’s give him some kudos for taking a more sophisticated, strategy all be it not in the most flattering manner.

I do however feel sorry for Grandma, the poor, neglected old lady. I would like to point out though that the wolf getting into her house was the result of negligence on her part, be it, from leaving a window open or answering the door to a wolf so we get an idea of where Little Red gets her wits from.

I want to rectify the Lumberjack myth as well. He’s not a hero. He’s a murderer of the smartest wolf on record and (depending on which version of Riding Hood you subscribe to) possibly a pedophile.


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