London Photo Diary: Numero Uno

I should probably make more an intro for this but I think it mostly speaks for itself. I have a thing for interesting words and images (obviously!) so I’ve decided to start building myself a little collection, a small sample from the catalogue of life that is London City.

This is an electronic advertisement in Piccadilly Circus from McDonalds. It randomly chooses Rock, Paper and Scissors and people touring London play along with it (after staring at it in confusion for a while).

I really love words so I can’t help but appreciate this is clever turn of phrase in the underground.

I went to an underground gym with a LOT of stairs with my housemate Mike. About halfway down there was this cheeky message on the wall.

The best thing ever to happen to a sheep? I’m not so sure…

Cutest, invasion, ever!

I love innocent. They are the most charming brand around at the moment I think. This says ‘we love our orange juice because it tastes very, very good. But enough about that, heres a squirrel looking terrified.’ How sweet!

I, I can’t remember where I buried them


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