What If Advertising Sucks?

Everyone keeps telling me advertising is great…

“It’s fun”

“It’s creative”

“It’s the best job in the world”

… but what if it’s not? What if they are full of shit? What if they are so full of shit that they can’t even smell what they are shoveling? I’ve heard lots of numbers being thrown around, “four years”, “six months”, “18 months” with regard to how long it takes to get into the industry.

That’s a long fucking time.

How can a job in advertising (or any job for that matter) be worth that? I done some thinking and I currently have a theory- It’s not. It’s not worth it at all. It’s possible. If we consider how human beings rationalise their own behaviour, it’s very possible. Let’s say the chain of events goes as follows: man decides he wants to go into advertising, studies at college/university for a few years, applies around for jobs for several months/years (perhaps working as an intern/on a placement) and finally gets the call they’ve been waiting for.

Now, that job, be it amazing, average or downright awful will still be perceived to be amazing. Regardless of the experience he will be blind to any drawbacks because his ego is tied to their position and the hard work it represents. God bless repression!

It has all the makings of some twisted psychological form of employment Stockholm syndrome. Like a child with an abusive parent that convinces themselves Daddy hits them “for their own good

I must confess, that I am new to this game and haven’t suffered much at all in terms of rejection, but I’ve done my research. I know what to expect. I can’t imagine after 12 months, much short of spectacular would be worth my while yet I still want this career, this chase. There are much easier ways to go with easier success so why go for it? Maybe, I’m just stupid. Most humans are stupid most of the time and I am human most of the time.

My alternative theory is this. I want to take a chance, take a risk. I don’t care if I get destroyed! Winning all the time makes it meaningless so winning once means everything. I hate playing it safe, because ultimately, reward is proportional to the risk we take to get it. By this logic, maybe, advertising actually could be worth it. Only one way to find out though.


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