Declaration of Intent

I talk too much about advertising. I don’t like people in advertising who only talk about advertising but my posts have all been advertising, advertising, advertising. I can’t even open a post without talking about it. It’s what’s on my mind but it isn’t what this blog was for.

It was for all the things I find creative, inspirational and wonderful on this ride through life. It was to motivate me to go explore and wander until I found things that make my heart excited. It didn’t have boundaries. It wasn’t for anything. It was just a document of my hunt for beauty and eccentricity.

I got off course and wandered off, much like I do in real life so I’m going to try to somehow find my way back. Write about things that interest me. Advertising interests me but so does design, music, photography, technology, philosophy… pretty much everything.

This is a declaration of intent. To expand my horizons a bit. I am somewhat trapped in London, one of the richest cultural places to be so I am going to try to soak up a bit more and find some inspiration.


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