The Balance Theory

Would you like to know one of the most commonly said phrases to me? “You can’t eat pizza everyday Will”.

Poppycock! While we’re on the subject though I would like to say a thing or two. First, to those people who are trying to rain on my parade, trying to separate me from my delicious friends (How dare you!), I would like to point out that it’s a bit harsh to will punishment upon me, when my only crime is, I haven’t been punished. The area does arouse my interest though. I have always been a fan of behaviour, stories, and in this case, nonsense.

So, where do these stories come from and why does everyone believe them?

I’ve always thought that people believe in a fair and just world as a self-defense mechanism. Balance makes us feel safe- to think that if we are nice, people will be nice to us in return. If I get a parking ticket in a particular car park then, you should too. Most of the time these stories and information they relay goes against their own experiences. I guess that ‘universe balance’ theory makes them feel as if they have some control over their lives. Unfortunately, it’s not balanced and they don’t have control.

This world is full of chaos, randomness and frankly, nonsense. There is no balance, no rules. It can’t be controlled. But why would you want to?

Not having control is a good thing. No control means there are no rules, and no rules means no limitations. The universe is boundless which (theoretically, at least) means we can do anything we want. We can achieve anything. It means that our realization of our own powerlessness walks hand in hand with an almighty, ‘Fight Club’ style, liberation. I would like to propose, that by accepting the universe as it is (instead of the stories you hear) and denying your own narcissism, it rather poetically gives you more power.

Of course, it is up to you to determine which belief structure you subscribe to, but I won’t be attending any ‘Pizzaholic Anonymous’ meetings in the near future.


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