Unbelievable Teckers

Technology is amazing.

The more I learn about it, the more I’m impressed. I’ve been lucky enough while I’ve been in London to get a much better look at some of the tech thats around at the moment. This is a collection of the things I’ve come across that I’d like to share:

Google Japan

This isn’t really about the technology itself but the application of it. I think it’s a really innovative and fun use of Google to launch the service in Japan, and really puts the imagination of Wieden + Kennedy on display.


Coca Cola iPhone App

I have some issues with Coke (I’m a human being after all) but this is about the app rather than them. It turns your iPhone into a snow globe. I love this! It’s exactly the simple, festive and interactive app that makes me want an iPhone despite my lack of funds or necessity for one.

*Apologies for the video. It was the only one I could find that actually showed what the app is.

Google Tv

Google again. This is the direction that technology is heading- all combining to form one single platform. Google Tv combines the internet with Tv allowing you to use both simultaneously. You can search for shows and movies online and then watch them, all on your tv screen. Not sure which movie to watch? Look at the reviews before you start watching. It’s the ultimate technological indulgence that will become standard before we know it.

Note to self: It’s all progressing as I planned (Mwah aha ha ha).

Next I think it will consume social media and combine that world with media.


My personal favourite piece of technology I’ve found, even though it’s only out in Japan at the moment. It’s an iPhone app that combines GPS, motion sensors and augmented reality. The objective is to track, collect and trade virtual butterflies, each of which represents a coupon for a particular store in the area. You have to find a butterfly on the GPS map, mosey on down to it’s location and then, using the camera, ‘catch’ the butterfly in your net. Each butterfly is beautifully designed according to it’s location and it’s one the few ideas recently that combine fun with function, helping to increase retail output in an uncertain Japanese economy.

Word Lens

Like iButterfly, Word Lens is an app for iPhone. Using the camera it automatically and instantly translates signs and other information on the screen. How useful is that? I have no real idea how it works but I think it’s a real revelation in communications.


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