Batter Up

I feel a bit more pressure writing this post today. I started at D&AD on Friday, had a great day and saw lots of amazing creative work- blinding creative work. I mean, there were pet chickens with pet chickens, and pubs on boats, and balls transforming into words in the air (honest). That all raises the bar.

It creates a whole new level of expectations.

Lots of genius people with genius ideas about genius looking…


from their pillars of proven excellence at the young rookie entering the fray, with a degree in business, a very literal mind and limited (awful) drawing skills trying to be a creative. I always imagine when someone becomes exquisite, and I mean absolutely fucktastic, in their field, they turn into a pipe-smoking, smarty pants in a silk robe with one eyebrow raised and an audible scoff at the idea of anyone achieving what they have.

“Preposterous” he’d say between one puff of his pipe and the next.

(I don’t really believe this to be true. I’m yet to meet anyone creative, especially who’s successful, who is anything short of warm. It’s just a humourous image I like to use.)

You see, I operate a lot like Everton FC. They always act like the underdog, and they thrive off of it. I remember when I started drumming I was left in awe of Travis Barker. He was so amazing. I loved watching him play everyday because he showed me what was possible to do with a pair of sticks. I used him as my competition and it made me work harder and motivate myself awesome.

I guess I’m a scrapper at heart.

It’s the best asset I have right now. I’m a passionate storyteller and would like to sneak my way into a position where I can write nonsense for people and live adequately off of it, but my writing can only get me so far. My spirit and general noisiness also has a part to play in any success I should have.

As for the new standards, I look forward to taking them on. I’m gonna dance (like a psych patient) over them and enjoy doing so. I’ll show Lord Smarty Pants… and his pretentious pipe too.


Just Smile

It’s 2011. Hooray!

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life… you get the idea.

I am especially excited for this year. Lot’s of prospects and potential. A new slate to create on and I’ve bought lots of pens to do it with. One of my resolutions this year is to smile more and have more fun (I spent most of last year overworking). Continuing with that theme, I have collected eight ads from last year (would have been 10 for the poetry of it, but it was a rough year) that made me smile, and I hope they will make you smile too. Enjoy!

* feel free to just watch the clips and ignore my witty comments.


Combining two of the happiest things in the world – children and dancing – I think this was the cheeriest thing I saw last year, clearing away every kind of grey. If you don’t smile at this, you’re probably a robot (or at least an android without a happiness chip).


There’s something about Tropicana. Their stuff always makes me feel warm and… ‘morningy’. I thought this was a heart-warming thought and showed a nice slice of sensitivity.

Old Spice

We all know this new classic. It’s quick, it’s funny, it’s original. Enough said.


When I thought about it, Google plays a big part of my life. Not really an important part, but I do visit the site almost daily for one reason or another. I though this was a great way of using their brand/product for telling a inspirational story of a guy (I assume) who falls in love with a girl in paris.


What a great way to show what advertising can do. Absolutely delightful piece, with quite possibly, my favourite dog ever.


This was actually the highlight of my World Cup/Summer. There were quite a few good ‘lad ads’ this year, but this one made me laugh the most (Fosters’ ‘Good Call’ was close behind).


This wasn’t really a smile if I’m honest. It was more like my jaw dropped in awe of the magnificence I was witnessing. It was amazing, like a 3 minute cinema experience.


I recently found this at the end of the year in another blogger’s ‘Best Ads of the Year’ collection. Ironically this is the most ‘stupid-funny’ ad of the year, and I love the ‘Push it to the limit’ soundtrack. Between this and the thinkbox ad we have a generation of animals that could take over the world.