Be Stupid!

During my first few days at D&AD we ransacked the warehouse and found loads of interesting entries from the previous year, (which we rather shamelessly kidnapped for ourselves). So now, sat on my desk, is various posters including one from Diesel – the ‘Be Stupid’ campaign.

As far as a campaign for jeans goes – not the best, but it does present an interesting philosophy.

I like the idea behind ‘Be Stupid’.

I think it’s something that I haven’t done an awful lot lately. I personally think that world needs a bit of stupid every now and again. It’s refreshing and it can more often than not, lead to something new.

A lot of things aren’t tried because they are deemed stupid.

A lot of ideas aren’t followed through because of people being afraid to look stupid and make the wrong decision.

The other weekend I tried something stupid. I went to a roller-skating rink slash bar. Combining skating with alcohol sounds like a stupid idea. It may actually be a stupid idea… but it was amazing. I can’t actually remember having that much fun in a loooonnnng time.

This whole experience taught me that “stupid” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Its an excuse to not try something new or adventurous, to stick to tried and tested methods, to learn using books and guesswork.


The best way to learn is to do even if it may seem stupid at the time. It’s more effective and, as it turns, more fun.

Should I be elevated into a position of power I will declare it the national philosophy to be stupid and create a nation of the world’s “stupidest” smart people. Until my takeover however, I am simply going to make more stupid, and therefore better, decisions.


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