Better Late Than Never

It’s one of my resolution this year to explore London more this yurr (another is to use more unusual/invented words. I’ve been doing alright with that one.) Now I’m aware that Picadilly Circus isn’t reeeeally exploring London, but I’ve been a busy little bee at D&AD and I like to consider any size step a positive move as long as it’s in the right direction.


I went for a wander and came across some purdy illustration and design work on my travels. You may have seen it too. They are so wonderful to look at so I’ve put them on here so everyone can have a look.

This is a smoothie bar called Snog, which is home to some redelicious (ridiculously delicious) fruity stuff. On the walls are these bright illustrations that make a great environment while you drink your redeliciousness. It’s so charming!

This little guy was on the opposite wall. It would be shame to leave him out as he is so happy to be here that he’s strutting like he owns the place.

This murial was chalked onto the ground… somewhere. If I could draw dreams, I’d bet they’d look like this. The 60’s/70’s style typography and colours really gives it a modest “hippy” feel. I haven’t seen many prettier things lately. If nothing else it has some fairly wise words to love by.

This isn’t even art. It’s just candy. But I love candy. I’m a complete sugar junkie, so here just might be as close to Heaven as I’ll ever get. Seriously though, I may just have D&AD send my paycheck to them- cut out the middleman, so to speak. Back on topic, all the colours just caught my eye as I walked by and made me feel like a kid again. I love that feeling! When you’re so excited you can’t express it. You just kind of bounce on the spot. Like your imagination is exploding with possibilities. Like anything is possible.



This poster campaign is, in advertising terms, simply perfect.

It’s simple.

It’s witty.

It’s shows the benefit in a memorable, interesting way.

Perfect. It’s a well-written piece of advertising, no contest. Also the typography is bee-yootiful. Wow.

So what if it’s for adult movies.