Just Add Sunshine

The world is one giant step closer to transforming into an episode of Glee.

Rather poetically, this Adidas spot has quite a lot in common with the US musicom. Glee takes a great song and simply adds a little something to make it more fun and well… sunshiney. And everyone enjoys sunshine.

Surely inspired by this, when Wieden and Kennedy made Nike Musical Shoes in Japan (aka this):

welcome to optimism: Nike music shoe by Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo

… Adidas came along and did the exact same thing with their MEGALIZER (sounds like a transformer, doesn’t it?). Points for originality: 0. They did, however, do something Nike didn’t. Make it applicable. Nike just dropped a 95lb bomb of cool in our laps and said, ‘there you go’ and no-one really knew what to do with it. Adidas have gone the extra mile and showed us something inspiring, outside of the laboratory. They took the idea and made it universal.

They Gleed™ it up.


I’m A Man Of Few Words

I’ve had some trouble with writing this post.

I’ve had trouble finding the words to explain my experience with during the D&AD awards. The truth is that there are no words. It was absolutely amazing. It was the glistening cherry on top of a delicious placement that I have loved from start to finish.

It has been so wonderful.

The people I’ve met, the inspiring conversations I have had with all kinds of people in the creative industry – I have been so lucky.


I sit here here humbled and inspired.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who took part and got involved (especially the Spring project crew).

Digital Stuff

(Imaginative title, right? I know, I’m awesome.)

Lately I’ve been playing a lot of hide and seek with digital work (it’s obviously bit of a one-sided game) and my inner ego maniac is convinced that everyone wants me to share it and let them know my thoughts on it. Well, if you insist, I’ll throw a few thoughts your way.

This is the new Carlsberg page on YouTube. It’s not really ‘new’ for a page to come alive but there’s something surprising about it. I think it’s the subtleness of the onset. The screen just gradually begins to fall apart. It’s quite an immersive experience once it gets going and completely kidnaps your attention. It may not be new but I have to give kudos for the execution. You can find out for yourself on:


Put a website address into this page by BMW and you can drive around the page, terrorizing banners and destroying text all over the web. It’s actually pretty addictive. There’s something genius about having an interactive extension that you can use on any page. I personally went on a joyride on Porsche’s webpage (well I thought it was funny).

Go forth and play at :

Pepsi’s latest idea come in the form of this ‘Tag a Tv ad’ campaign. Honestly, this seems like a step backwards after iButterfly in Japan but it has rather obvious benefits; It closes the gap between advertising and sales, and encourages people to actually pay attention to their ads but creatively speaking, this seems a bit Fred Flintstone. Find more info at:



I’ve taken a shine to this. It’s my latest love in the world of all things cool and digital. It’s so simple and fun. I know everyone who watches it can’t resist putting their finger on the screen and getting involved in the magical shenanigans. It’s branded entertainment at it’s best and it brings me nothing but pure delight. Another masterpiece from a brand that has a habit of creating amazing stuff.

I’m Not A Graphic Designer, But I Love My Mum

Being Mother’s Day and all I decided to do something special for the ol’ girl who gave me life and what not. Below is what I like to think of as an “optimist’s effort” at designing my own card for my mum. Just seemed a bit more sentimental to create something myself, rather than chuck £2.50 on something random in Clinton’s.

I created this nice little idea juxtaposing the “M” with the traditional heart design and I think it came off rather well.

The typography could be organized more effectively, but it made my mum happy and isn’t that what everyone wants to do on Mother’s Day (and the other 364 for that matter)?