Digital Stuff

(Imaginative title, right? I know, I’m awesome.)

Lately I’ve been playing a lot of hide and seek with digital work (it’s obviously bit of a one-sided game) and my inner ego maniac is convinced that everyone wants me to share it and let them know my thoughts on it. Well, if you insist, I’ll throw a few thoughts your way.

This is the new Carlsberg page on YouTube. It’s not really ‘new’ for a page to come alive but there’s something surprising about it. I think it’s the subtleness of the onset. The screen just gradually begins to fall apart. It’s quite an immersive experience once it gets going and completely kidnaps your attention. It may not be new but I have to give kudos for the execution. You can find out for yourself on:

Put a website address into this page by BMW and you can drive around the page, terrorizing banners and destroying text all over the web. It’s actually pretty addictive. There’s something genius about having an interactive extension that you can use on any page. I personally went on a joyride on Porsche’s webpage (well I thought it was funny).

Go forth and play at :

Pepsi’s latest idea come in the form of this ‘Tag a Tv ad’ campaign. Honestly, this seems like a step backwards after iButterfly in Japan but it has rather obvious benefits; It closes the gap between advertising and sales, and encourages people to actually pay attention to their ads but creatively speaking, this seems a bit Fred Flintstone. Find more info at:


I’ve taken a shine to this. It’s my latest love in the world of all things cool and digital. It’s so simple and fun. I know everyone who watches it can’t resist putting their finger on the screen and getting involved in the magical shenanigans. It’s branded entertainment at it’s best and it brings me nothing but pure delight. Another masterpiece from a brand that has a habit of creating amazing stuff.


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