Just Add Sunshine

The world is one giant step closer to transforming into an episode of Glee.

Rather poetically, this Adidas spot has quite a lot in common with the US musicom. Glee takes a great song and simply adds a little something to make it more fun and well… sunshiney. And everyone enjoys sunshine.

Surely inspired by this, when Wieden and Kennedy made Nike Musical Shoes in Japan (aka this):

welcome to optimism: Nike music shoe by Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo

… Adidas came along and did the exact same thing with their MEGALIZER (sounds like a transformer, doesn’t it?). Points for originality: 0. They did, however, do something Nike didn’t. Make it applicable. Nike just dropped a 95lb bomb of cool in our laps and said, ‘there you go’ and no-one really knew what to do with it. Adidas have gone the extra mile and showed us something inspiring, outside of the laboratory. They took the idea and made it universal.

They Gleed™ it up.


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