Someone Else’s Words

Wow! Brilliant! A Plus! * Applauds *

There’s lots of writing out there in… the world. And a lot of which, yours truly, wishes he had wrote. Seriously, I’ve had my nose in three different books today and each one inspired a mild feeling of envy. It’s a passion (and probably a disorder) but it makes me happy. I think in my own simple way I think I’m still impressed at how many words there are, and how changing one in a sentence can make me feel something entirely different to what I felt before.

This (look up!) is an environmental sign at the Design Museum in London Bridge. I have to say I was a bit surprised by how well it was written. You really only expect visual brilliance when exploring a design museum but there can be no mistake, this is some impressive writing. In case you can’t tell from my awful picture (I’m not a photographer, alright?) it says:

“Usually associated only with childhood, play is activity that continues throughout our lives. It can help to drive the imagaination, aid learning and enhance even the most serious experiences.

Good design is responsible for making play enagaging, accessible and stimulating. Aspects of play, exploration and discovery can enhance the understanding of a product, creating a dialogue between user and object. An element of play is also vital to the development process of many designers, with a sense of playfulness often evident in the finished work.”

That is remarkable!

It found a perfect balance between the message and style. It’s playful, sweet, charming, honest, smile provoking and thoughtful. Not only that, it reflects how creativity should be. I honestly couldn’t have written it better myself.

Consider me inspired! That’s the kind of writing I would LOVE to be responsible for, hopefully in the near-future, but for now I’ll have to settle for typing out someone else’s words.


Someone Hire This Guy!

This is a wonderful use of QR codes. They’re more popular than an underwater oxygen store at the moment, but I think this has earns extra points for it’s relevance and ingenuity. I hope this guy got the job because he deserves it for this idea (and I’d prefer not to compete against him for a job).