Real Writing

This may seem controversial but I don’t like this advert. Everyone in the ad world seems to love it’s beautiful writing, but I find myself lacking a connection to it. It’s so generic that it lacks any real heart. I hear those words and it sounds like something pulled from text books and articles.

For all it’s talk about storytelling, and emotion, it doesn’t make me feel anything at all.

I’m not impressed by Dustin Hoffman either. He could be reading a shopping list.

This is much closer.

For me this is much more real.

This feels genuine. I find myself attached to the people in and their words. I can feel their sadness and fear. This is something with emotion.

But for me, a truly great story is in the details – the tragedies, the imperfections. These are what make us interesting and human, and what makes our stories worth listening to. That’s why I’m in love with this piece for Luta clothing. It speaks to me. It’s a living, breathing piece of writing and it makes me feel inspired. It isn’t the voice of a guy in an office, it’s true and honest.

It’s brilliant.


Star Players

Some things just go together –

Bread and Butter,

Ying and yang,

Batman and Robin,

but none more so than alcohol and gambling. The vice brothers often party together hand-in-hand on a Saturday night as people (mostly men) give in to their dark sides.

Heineken have decided to blend the two together, quite literally, by creating a branded mobile game.

Star Player allows it users to compete against each other in predicting what’s going to happen next in any match that’s occurring on television. The idea is genius, and a great way of combing social media and entertainment with the brand. What’s more. It actually looks like fun, as opposed a lot of branded games which focus on the branding before enjoyment, with complete disregard for the purpose of the application.

With the realisation that men watch most football matches in the pub, and all almost all with friends and some variety of beer, this app acts very similarly to a point of sale advertisement and strongly reinforces the brand values.

I can’t wait to try it. Too bad I’ll have to wait until next season.