Luckily it’s an avalanche of interesting things (my favourite kind of avalanche).

I WANT ONE!!! This is the first Kinect game that I want. It makes great use of the movement-tracking capabilities of the Kinect AND presents me/us with an opportunity to be creative in a video game. Normally it’s about following the script, competing with friends and enemies (mostly enemies), and completing defined tasks, so the chance to break free of those boundaries is more delicious than a chocolate sundae.

In this ambient stunt Nike transforms Dagenham swimming pool into a BMX park. It’s slightly predictable and isn’t really exciting in the sports industry. However, I will always be a fan of making something positive out of the negative – the crisis/opportunity philosophy – and creating an event as a spectacular send-off a local swimming pool is a great gesture.

This video deserves a shout for the outstanding animation work (some of the best I’ve ever seen). It’s C Beebies meets Kill Bill and one hell of a video that’s sure to go viral.

Junkyard jumbotron allows you to merge together an image and make one big display. I like this idea because it has so much potential. It can be used to create a fragmented message or puzzles and can really engage people if it’s used right. I think it would also make a great medium for some adventurous digital artwork.

This is the Mountain Dew Pinball Skatepark in New Zealand. It turns the skateboarder (you) into the pinball. It records your score and lights when youride over elements of it. It’s soooooo awesome! If I become a millionaire (and I’d like to think that’s possible) I’d want one of these in my back garden, next to my recording studio.