Some thoughts on being creative

Look at me being creative.

I love being creative.

With the 9-5 routine wrapped around my life like the tractor beam around a space cruiser, I haven’t been able to give much time to writing, drawing, or anything other than watching House on dvd. Again. It’s such a shame because once I get started, I’m enthralled by the magic of new ideas, and lament the time I’ve wasted just sitting on my couch, zoning out, waiting for bedtime. Playing with new colours, writing a story, making a butterfly out of folded-up paper. All of these inspiring choices are at my humble fingertips, and there’s a wardrobe more possibilities to choose from. Not a normal wardrobe either – the piece from The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe where there is an entire world in there waiting for you to tumble in and explore.

My favourite part is brainstorming. I am what many of my friends and family members like to refer to as “special” as a term of endearment (and with a touch of irony). It’s occasionally isolating, but when it gets put onto a sheet of A4 you get to see how your thoughts appear to other people, and it’s quite wonderful. And usually funny. For me it’s where I find out how special I am and why. What idea, what thought, what spark can my mind generate that noone else can?

It feels a lot like an expedition into your mind. As you trial new possibilities, one gets the same feeling of excitement and wonder as exploring the a new path through the jungle with that burning anticipation of something exciting to occur. To jump out and surprise you when you least expect it.

The only thing that really bothers me about creativity is when people say ‘I’m not creative’. Yes you are. We all are! Painting a portrait with boisterous colour, an intricate play between light and shadow, and a delicate reflection of contemporary values is creative, but so is making a joke about your sister’s terrible taste in shoes and mixing two drinks and a fruit no-one has tried together before. Strawberry-Vodka-Vimto’s are creative. And delicious.

When you break it down, the whole creative process is just experimentation. Being open to new possibilities and having a go at making them come alive. And thats the main reason I love this idea of creativity. It’s about taking risks and not being afraid to try something new or fall flat on your ass. It’s the same vulnerable state as being open with another person. And just as in a relationship you will be rewarded for taking that chance. There’s no wrong way to do it, as long as you do something.