Dove Love – some nice campaigns from Dove


Dove has always been one of my favourite brands in the world. They’re just so damn nice. This kindness, combined with their bravery and willingness to go against the grain, have set them apart and make them such a positive force for the world.

I’ve been snooping and I’ve found a whole bunch of ideas and campaigns they’ve done, mostly focused on women’s self esteem (the Dove Self-Esteem Fund has been going for a while now), trying to make the world a happier place and empower young girls.

Here are 6 of the wonderful campaigns they’ve done, although I’m sure there are more, this shows what they are up to, and hopefully it might brighten your day like it did mine.

Real Beauty Sketches

Thought Before Action

The Evolution of Beauty

Real Beauty (click the pic for the tv ad)
Dove Self Esteem

Ad Makeover

Dove Carbon Print Ad