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Odd but beautiful…

I wish I had a diary that wasn’t bound by the rules of time. You have no idea how many times I’ve found out about an exhibition, party or a show AFTER they happened! If I had a metaphysically independent dairy I could schedule in last week’s event and get enough notice in the past to pick up my tickets/suit/paintgun and go. Apparently, science has bigger things to work on right now than my social calendar so I’m doomed to miss out on the moments that make life beautiful. Or I have to start planning ahead. I don’t know which is worse.

Today’s reason why I want to disrupt the fabric of time is because I’m a huge fan of superflat art. Love it! And at one point in time, Gloucester Road station was home to an exhibition of it that I really want to see, but it has long since been taken down.

Below are the some photos so you can see for yourself. It’s kooky and weird but charming and beautiful too. They were designed by a lovely (I assume) japanese girl called Chiho Aoshima and there’s more about the work on Design Boom.

Take at look at the pictures. I’ll get to work on my new diary. So E=Mc2…

Chiho Aoshima - Gloucester Road

Chiho Aoshima - Gloucester Road

Chiho Aoshima - Gloucester Road