Real Writing

This may seem controversial but I don’t like this advert. Everyone in the ad world seems to love it’s beautiful writing, but I find myself lacking a connection to it. It’s so generic that it lacks any real heart. I hear those words and it sounds like something pulled from text books and articles.

For all it’s talk about storytelling, and emotion, it doesn’t make me feel anything at all.

I’m not impressed by Dustin Hoffman either. He could be reading a shopping list.

This is much closer.

For me this is much more real.

This feels genuine. I find myself attached to the people in and their words. I can feel their sadness and fear. This is something with emotion.

But for me, a truly great story is in the details – the tragedies, the imperfections. These are what make us interesting and human, and what makes our stories worth listening to. That’s why I’m in love with this piece for Luta clothing. It speaks to me. It’s a living, breathing piece of writing and it makes me feel inspired. It isn’t the voice of a guy in an office, it’s true and honest.

It’s brilliant.


Digital Stuff

(Imaginative title, right? I know, I’m awesome.)

Lately I’ve been playing a lot of hide and seek with digital work (it’s obviously bit of a one-sided game) and my inner ego maniac is convinced that everyone wants me to share it and let them know my thoughts on it. Well, if you insist, I’ll throw a few thoughts your way.

This is the new Carlsberg page on YouTube. It’s not really ‘new’ for a page to come alive but there’s something surprising about it. I think it’s the subtleness of the onset. The screen just gradually begins to fall apart. It’s quite an immersive experience once it gets going and completely kidnaps your attention. It may not be new but I have to give kudos for the execution. You can find out for yourself on:

Put a website address into this page by BMW and you can drive around the page, terrorizing banners and destroying text all over the web. It’s actually pretty addictive. There’s something genius about having an interactive extension that you can use on any page. I personally went on a joyride on Porsche’s webpage (well I thought it was funny).

Go forth and play at :

Pepsi’s latest idea come in the form of this ‘Tag a Tv ad’ campaign. Honestly, this seems like a step backwards after iButterfly in Japan but it has rather obvious benefits; It closes the gap between advertising and sales, and encourages people to actually pay attention to their ads but creatively speaking, this seems a bit Fred Flintstone. Find more info at:


I’ve taken a shine to this. It’s my latest love in the world of all things cool and digital. It’s so simple and fun. I know everyone who watches it can’t resist putting their finger on the screen and getting involved in the magical shenanigans. It’s branded entertainment at it’s best and it brings me nothing but pure delight. Another masterpiece from a brand that has a habit of creating amazing stuff.

Just Smile

It’s 2011. Hooray!

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life… you get the idea.

I am especially excited for this year. Lot’s of prospects and potential. A new slate to create on and I’ve bought lots of pens to do it with. One of my resolutions this year is to smile more and have more fun (I spent most of last year overworking). Continuing with that theme, I have collected eight ads from last year (would have been 10 for the poetry of it, but it was a rough year) that made me smile, and I hope they will make you smile too. Enjoy!

* feel free to just watch the clips and ignore my witty comments.


Combining two of the happiest things in the world – children and dancing – I think this was the cheeriest thing I saw last year, clearing away every kind of grey. If you don’t smile at this, you’re probably a robot (or at least an android without a happiness chip).


There’s something about Tropicana. Their stuff always makes me feel warm and… ‘morningy’. I thought this was a heart-warming thought and showed a nice slice of sensitivity.

Old Spice

We all know this new classic. It’s quick, it’s funny, it’s original. Enough said.


When I thought about it, Google plays a big part of my life. Not really an important part, but I do visit the site almost daily for one reason or another. I though this was a great way of using their brand/product for telling a inspirational story of a guy (I assume) who falls in love with a girl in paris.


What a great way to show what advertising can do. Absolutely delightful piece, with quite possibly, my favourite dog ever.


This was actually the highlight of my World Cup/Summer. There were quite a few good ‘lad ads’ this year, but this one made me laugh the most (Fosters’ ‘Good Call’ was close behind).


This wasn’t really a smile if I’m honest. It was more like my jaw dropped in awe of the magnificence I was witnessing. It was amazing, like a 3 minute cinema experience.


I recently found this at the end of the year in another blogger’s ‘Best Ads of the Year’ collection. Ironically this is the most ‘stupid-funny’ ad of the year, and I love the ‘Push it to the limit’ soundtrack. Between this and the thinkbox ad we have a generation of animals that could take over the world.

Because Winter Hates Rubbish Headlines

Little do many of you know but I have had an intense few weeks. I’ve been involved in a little thing called the ‘Spring Project’ (I’ll talk about that later) and I’ve learned so much in it about myself and my career. One of those lessons is that I am a storyteller, without a doubt, which will probably take me down the copywriter route in advertising. I’ve alway had a suspicion but it’s much clearer these days and that is what I’ll focus on come 2011.

Now, copywriters are most famous for headlines. They do much more than that but that’s the main preconception of the job description. I have done a bit of headlines, taglines etc and there is an art to it. The more you put in, the more you get out in terms of originality and creativity. If you look, for example at the Economist work by Abbot Mead Vickers, some of my favourite headline work, it is cunning and marvelous.

So when this spot rudely interrupted Soccer Saturday I felt part of myself die. It actually one the most poor and uninspiring lines I’ve ever seen. When I brainstorm a line, that sort of thing comes out, now and again, but it never occured to me that it was good enough for me, never mind for an actual campaign.

What a tragedy to advertising this is.