10 good deeds you can do in the pub


  1. Compliment the barmaid
  2. Buy a round for your friends or buy more friends with a round
  3. Talk to that weird guy, all alone, and make him feel like one of of the group
  4. Order some chips for the table near you
  5. Help clean up some of the glasses left on tables
  6. Buy a few packets of pork scratchings and hide them in various places for people to discover
  7. Write a nice review of your pub online on somewhere like FourSquare
  8. Pull out a chair for the ladies in your party, and the gents if your feeling extra chivalrous
  9. Put some Journey on the jukebox (everyone loves journey)
  10. Listen to your friend’s boring story (or stories depending on how boring they are) and act interested.

It’s nice that

My english teacher used to tell me off for saying ‘nice’. Apparently, it’s a word you use when you’re too lazy to think of a more inventive way of describing something, and should locked away in a proverbial closet with other indifferent words and phrases such as OK, and the infamous like.

But sometimes things are nice – they make your stomach feel all warm and cosy. It’s difficult to describe but you know what nice is when you experience it. It’s just nice.

Say Something Nice

This is something that is very nice. One of my favourite organisations in the world right now, doing what they do best: bringing the unexpected. In this case, providing a platform for New Yorkers in Times Square to say nice things to their fellow man. It’s very simple but so many great ideas are.

What an inspiring way to start your day. Kudos to Impro Everywhere for enabling those messages to be shared.

Honest and Smile

Speaking of messages, this sentimental idea is one from Honest and Smile. They sent out USB sticks around sunny Spain with the idea being: take something off of it, put something on, and leave it for someone else to find. The something could be anything, photos, a song, a picture, anything they wanted to share. It’s such a sweet way to connect people and share with each other.

Afterwards, all the stories were collected on the Honest and Smile Facebook page as everyone told the tale of how they found their USB stick and how it influenced their lives.

[via The Inspiration Room]

30 Gifts for 30 Strangers

This is my favourite of the bunch. This guy, Lucas Jatoba created one of the best Random Acts of Kindness projects I’ve ever seen. For his 30th birthday, he wrapped 30 presents and gave them to 30 strangers.


The best part if this is that it shows that you don’t need an exuberant amount of money or corporate sponsors to have a positive influence and brighten someone’s day. The guy’s a serial giver so there’s also this project as well…