Odd but beautiful…

I wish I had a diary that wasn’t bound by the rules of time. You have no idea how many times I’ve found out about an exhibition, party or a show AFTER they happened! If I had a metaphysically independent dairy I could schedule in last week’s event and get enough notice in the past to pick up my tickets/suit/paintgun and go. Apparently, science has bigger things to work on right now than my social calendar so I’m doomed to miss out on the moments that make life beautiful. Or I have to start planning ahead. I don’t know which is worse.

Today’s reason why I want to disrupt the fabric of time is because I’m a huge fan of superflat art. Love it! And at one point in time, Gloucester Road station was home to an exhibition of it that I really want to see, but it has long since been taken down.

Below are the some photos so you can see for yourself. It’s kooky and weird but charming and beautiful too. They were designed by a lovely (I assume) japanese girl called Chiho Aoshima and there’s more about the work on Design Boom.

Take at look at the pictures. I’ll get to work on my new diary. So E=Mc2…

Chiho Aoshima - Gloucester Road

Chiho Aoshima - Gloucester Road

Chiho Aoshima - Gloucester Road


Dove Love – some nice campaigns from Dove


Dove has always been one of my favourite brands in the world. They’re just so damn nice. This kindness, combined with their bravery and willingness to go against the grain, have set them apart and make them such a positive force for the world.

I’ve been snooping and I’ve found a whole bunch of ideas and campaigns they’ve done, mostly focused on women’s self esteem (the Dove Self-Esteem Fund has been going for a while now), trying to make the world a happier place and empower young girls.

Here are 6 of the wonderful campaigns they’ve done, although I’m sure there are more, this shows what they are up to, and hopefully it might brighten your day like it did mine.

Real Beauty Sketches

Thought Before Action

The Evolution of Beauty

Real Beauty (click the pic for the tv ad)
Dove Self Esteem

Ad Makeover

Dove Carbon Print Ad

Flower Power: 15 flower-related good deeds you can do right now


1. Take a photo of a beautiful flower garden and upload it to your friend’s computer as a screensaver when they’re not looking.

2. Plant some seeds in a communal garden (or anywhere else they’ll grow).

3. Put some flower bouquets in your office to brighten it up a bit.

4. Send some flowers to a friend who has a sad face in their Facebook status.

5. Make someone laugh with this classic joke: How do trees get on the Internet? They LOG in.

6. Turn your tip in a restaurant into an origami rose. The extra effort will show how much you enjoyed your evening.

7. Make a message out of flowers in your front garden so everyone that passes your house gets a nice boost.

8. Flowers always make good painting subjects. Paint a bunch of flowers in a portrait to give to your friend to hang in their house.

9. Make some home-made potpourri for someone.

10. Make a sunny flower-power playlist.

11. Help your mum in the garden. Or anywhere else. You should always help your mum

12. Put some flowers on a lonely-looking grave

13. Plant an apple tree in a public space so people can have fresh apples in Summer

14. Mail some seeds to someone who like gardening

15. Steal someone’s weeds from their garden without them knowing. It’s the stealthiness that makes it special. Also, if you take flowers by mistake, no one will know.

Illustration Inspiration

9 illustrations that make me want to be a designer

This year I’m going to try my hand at some digital illustration – unleash my inner artist, put my soul on a canvas, and the like, so with that in mind I’ve been looking around the design arena for some inspiration. I was amazed at all the talent out there so I thought it would be worth sharing my discoveries. Here’s what I found:

1. Tom Lewis

Strictly speaking Tom is painter (nice start, Will) but it’s inspiring and beautiful and that’s what counts. Anyways, Tom uses powerful highlights and accents in his work which create an alluring contrast and a mesmerising look. I saw his work near Brick Lane in Spitalfields and I was fascinated by his brilliant design. His site is here if you like it as much as I do (a lot).

2. Bukubuku

I like this illustration by Bukubuku because there is so much energy in it. You can imagine each of the characters coming to life and skipping off of the page (or screen). It makes you feel warm and cosy inside.

3. Clementine Derodit

This is Easter by Clementine Derodit. It is so vibrant and sweet it probably tastes like a Starburst. Her portfolio is filled with images like this. So beautiful.

4. Laura Osomo

This illustration is my favourite. It makes me smile every time I see it (and was a big part of the inspiration for this blog post). It’s natural, bright and has a healthy dollop of quirk. She has lots of stuff on her website that is equally special.

5. Lou Lou & Tummie

LL&T’s illustrations are sweeter than the desserts their characters are based on. The colours all create this delicious harmony and make you want to eat them up. All their candy-coated goodies are on their yummy website. Yes, please.

wallpaper01_1024x768 2

6. Aaron Miller

I love this illustration because of the marvellous way he brings inanimate objects to life and makes them so darn friendly. And so alive, too. This is happiness illustrated. If you’ve taken a fancy the cheery chaps below you can make the illustration below using Aaron’s tutorial in Computer Arts


7. Jon Burgerman

It’s like a rainbow exploded in Jon’s studio. Wow. That’s how colour should be used. These wacky illustration stumble furiously between inspiring and downright confusing but the incredible dynamism is a pleasure to behold.


8. Jared Nickerson

This fun-filled illustration has become another favourite of mine. The intricate details are just impressive and smile-provoking. It’s so stylish it’s no wonder Adidas wanted to use his talents. More stuff here


9. Mark Winkler

Last but not least Mary’s pretty frappachino and muffin is here because it’s so realllllly pretty. Obviously.  It says ‘let’s get this day started’ in a whimsical and magical way. If this doesn’t inspire you or get you excited about design you just might be a robot.