10 good deeds you can do in the pub


  1. Compliment the barmaid
  2. Buy a round for your friends or buy more friends with a round
  3. Talk to that weird guy, all alone, and make him feel like one of of the group
  4. Order some chips for the table near you
  5. Help clean up some of the glasses left on tables
  6. Buy a few packets of pork scratchings and hide them in various places for people to discover
  7. Write a nice review of your pub online on somewhere like FourSquare
  8. Pull out a chair for the ladies in your party, and the gents if your feeling extra chivalrous
  9. Put some Journey on the jukebox (everyone loves journey)
  10. Listen to your friend’s boring story (or stories depending on how boring they are) and act interested.

Flower Power: 15 flower-related good deeds you can do right now


1. Take a photo of a beautiful flower garden and upload it to your friend’s computer as a screensaver when they’re not looking.

2. Plant some seeds in a communal garden (or anywhere else they’ll grow).

3. Put some flower bouquets in your office to brighten it up a bit.

4. Send some flowers to a friend who has a sad face in their Facebook status.

5. Make someone laugh with this classic joke: How do trees get on the Internet? They LOG in.

6. Turn your tip in a restaurant into an origami rose. The extra effort will show how much you enjoyed your evening.

7. Make a message out of flowers in your front garden so everyone that passes your house gets a nice boost.

8. Flowers always make good painting subjects. Paint a bunch of flowers in a portrait to give to your friend to hang in their house.

9. Make some home-made potpourri for someone.

10. Make a sunny flower-power playlist.

11. Help your mum in the garden. Or anywhere else. You should always help your mum

12. Put some flowers on a lonely-looking grave

13. Plant an apple tree in a public space so people can have fresh apples in Summer

14. Mail some seeds to someone who like gardening

15. Steal someone’s weeds from their garden without them knowing. It’s the stealthiness that makes it special. Also, if you take flowers by mistake, no one will know.