The Little Bike That Could Fix Your Carma

Down the street in Portual, an amazing magazine called B-Bicycle Culture  (B – Cultura da Bicicleta Magazine) in Portugal has created a bicycle out of old scrap metal from a car to raise awareness about mobility and ecology in Lisbon.

The charming story behind the project is – that in order to compensate for the miles that the car ran in its reckless youth (159761 kms of recklessness to be precise – bad car!), polluting the environment and so on, the bike is trying to amend the deficit – with the help of the general public – by offering the opportunity to cycle for good and restore good karma.

The bike is touring Portugal, starting this month, and anyone who wants to help can get involved and take a ride. Meanwhile it has also sparked a range of typography (available for download), cyclist accessories from scrap metal and other pieces of the car and a short film based on the inspiring story.

I like that this initiative gets the public involved (physically) with helping undo the damage of previous generations and turns it into a collaborative event that I imagine would be exciting to take part in. Here’s hoping it finds a way across the water to our shore’s so I can Carma-cycle clean my own conscience.

Carma Project