Capes for Cabbages

It’s time for a change!

We humans have been kept safe on our busy city streets for years now by a powerful force. A force dedicated to protecting the innocent and making this world a better place to live. I’m talking, of course, about VEGEHEROES!

But now they need us.

Being a supervegetable is a full time commitment preventing them from gaining full-time employment. Consequently more and more of them are unable to afford uniforms.

Without uniforms our leafy warriors lose most of their power to strike fear into the hearts of evil and, not to mention, lose most of their trendiness.

Of all the heroes, the most in need is the humble cabbage. The cabbage’s shy public demeanor means that it is often overlooked by potential donors in favour of more attention grabbing produce: the cantankerous radish is a prime example of this, never mind the rambunctious leeks and the (let’s face it, over) flirtatious celery. Dont forget, these cabbages dedicate themselves too. Being a vegehero is not a popularity contest. It’s serious.

They don’t want a hand out. All they ask is the donation of any cloth, thread or fairy dust you can spare, so they can continue to protect us all from darkness.

Every day these hero herbs and greeneries give us their all. Isn’t it time we gave something back?


The Latest Addition to My "Crib"

Not many people know this but I have an imaginary house that I’m going to buy/build when I become rich. It has an indoor bouncy castle room, a music studio/event arena and on the walls of my enormous bedroom is wallpaper created from a comic I designed. Thank you, that IS a wonderful idea! I know! I began thinking about this when I used to watch MTV cribs as a youngster and somehow it’s all blossomed into being one step away from me drawing up blueprints and getting estimates.*

Recently I have added a new feature to the crib. Musical Stairs! I want them, I want them NOW!

While my crib is inspired, this idea is genius!

A lot of you will probably have seen this already (since it happened ages ago) but in case you travelled here from the past, or recently feel into a long hole and have only just escaped, I thought I’d share it with you.

This is one of the ideas from the fun theory. It’s a project from Volkswagon trying to encourage better choices through the addition of fun. There is a whole load of ideas so have a look if you want a giggle or inspiration for something creative you’re doing.

All of the ideas I’ve seen so are so ingenious that I am hulk green with envy yet simultaneously inspired. This is the kind of thing I love to see.

Love ❤ Love ❤ Love

Imagination meets Good Deeds makes Happiness. That’s my kind of threesome.

* Please note, I am poor and will probably never own my “crib” so no calls from architects/estate agents/golddiggers please!

Thank You Hugo!

This was actually the first time I have come across Sienna Miller. Thank you, Hugo!

There’s something natural about this ad. It doesn’t say ‘glamorous’ to me. It says ‘fun’ or ‘jump’ or other word with connotations of energy. To me it seems to have a completely different feel to other fragrance pieces featuring size zero models strutting down hallways with a gaze you’d probably see on a spider when a fly bounces into it’s web. It’s much more natural and warm. Overall if it were a girl, she’d be interesting and fun and personally much more appealing.

I think its great that this perfume brand took a different direction than the others. Without going into too much detail and revealing my extensive knowledge of perfume adds (It was for research, I promise) it’s nice to see a cosmetic that would make a woman feel good to have instead feeling bad they didn’t have it, if that makes any sense. In our facebook driven, image obsessed culture I for one have noticed a decline in self esteem which I think is a tragic shame considering how beautiful everyone is. Hopefully this would do a little bit to counteract that. Thank you again Hugo!

Two Guys At A Party

How delightful is this?

How dry and humdrum is this?

It got me thinking. They cars are pretty much the same, they are both Ford cars. Despite this one makes me smile with private joy and the other makes me want to dig a hole within myself and hide.

It’s kind of like people. Imagine you’re at a party. You’ve had a few drinks and you start mingling with people outside your usually circle. You meet a new guy. His name is Smax. He wears trendy clothes with billabong on the shoulder and talks a lot about the tv shows he’s watched recently about extreme sports. He’s a fake, he’s a poser, he’s boring.

You leave him as soon as you think of an adequate excuse.

Later, at another gathering, you try again and run into a guy called Fiesta. He’s stopping by the festivities on his way back from an adventure in some foreign land. He tells you the charming tale of how a few drinks turned into his spontaneous weekend in LA with his similarly interesting friends.

In advertising, like most other communications and interactions, it is better to show rather than say. Fiesta is interesting because his life is interesting not because he knows the definition of interesting and can relay that information on to me. Equally Smax with his sports attire doesn’t convince anyone that he’d survive on a surfboard, even on dry land. The fact that he’s pretending means he doesn’t have anything interesting to say which may be tied to my increased concern over my dog’s laryngitis. The punchline is, be interesting but be who you are.